The car moves

I did it: the car moves. It drives right across the kitchen floor, picking up speed. That said, it does not handle carpet very well (no surprise).

I can’t get a very good video of it by myself, so I’ll work on that soon. In the meantime, I’ll post a still.

I made a couple changes near the end:

  • Changed the gearing. The motor just doesn’t have enough torque to move the car with a 1:1 ratio, so I pressed some old Erector crown and pinion gears into service.
  • Added a toggle switch to turn the power on and off.

Future improvements would include a higher-voltage battery and a proper connector for it (so I don’t have to gator-clip the motor to the battery).

Motor mounting

I mounted the motor to an official pinewood derby block over the weekend. It actually worked pretty well with the Erector wheel/axle/transmission setup I put together.

Kind of a busy photo, but you can see the gearing and the wheels. This is the rear end of the car.

I’m currently awaiting the arrival of some voltage regulator chips from Mouser. I had been getting lucky by overrating the SR latch and inverter chips with voltage, but they finally gave out, so I’m going to incorporate the regulator to hold them at the 5 volts they need. When that part arrives, I should be able to do some real testing.