What a fascinating modern age we live in

I have entered the modern era with a 3D printer. In particular, it’s an “Original Prusa i3 MK3,” kit version. Assembling the kit was not complicated or confusing, but it was a serious test of my limited dexterity and took about 20 hours of focused work.

Nevertheless, the printer is assembled and working, and in case it ever helps anyone, problems with X-axis length errors and XYZ calibration can possibly be resolved by loosening the screws holding the back-plate on the extruder assembly. That plate puts pressure on the X-axis bearings and can cause your extruder to not slide as far as it should on the X axis. If your Auto Home check is correct in Y but not X, maybe look into this.

Below are some pictures of my first couple results and some videos showing the printer in action.