Rods and cranks

I continued working on my steam engine tonight. I fashioned a rod or lever to connect the piston rod to the crank in a pivoting fashion (first two pictures). These are made from 1/8″ steel rod I ground and drilled to accept a 2mm pin (jumping back and forth between measurement systems, sorry about that).

The crank (third picture) is a 4mm rod (so chosen because my old Erector set pieces have 4mm holes in them) with little plywood risers that also accept 2mm rods. The latter 2mm rods will be what the piston rods ultimately connect to. Once I get things more permanent, I’ll cut out the pieces of the 4mm rod that would interfere with the motion of the piston rods.

I’ve had a good amount of success drilling through these thin steel rods by first grinding a flat spot with my Dremel, centerpunching a guide divot in the desired spot, then carefully applying the drill press until the bit finds the guide divot.

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