Updated motor circuit

I have updated the motor circuit with the changes I’ve made. Notably:

  • Introduced a 5v linear regulator (LM78L05A) to provide supply voltage to the S-R latch, the inverter, the Hall-effect sensors, and the Vcc for the level shifter.
  • Replaced the CD4010B with a CD4504B and connected its select pin (pin 13) to ground.

These were rookie mistakes. The latch and inverter chips need 5v in, not the 15-20v I plan to supply, and the buffer/level-shifter was entirely the wrong kind of chip (it was a high-to-low instead of a low-to-high; we want to go from the 5v logic level to the 15-20v level). Live and learn, I guess. The new schematic is pictured below.

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