Mounted motor video

I made some interesting discoveries in the days leading up to this video. First, I completely forgot not all of the chips in the circuit can handle more than 5 volts. I actually burned out a chip as a result (it held on bravely for a long time), so I ordered some 5v linear regulators to provide a constant 5v to these devices. I’ll update the EasyEDA schematic with them at some point.

Second, the cycle time of the logic circuit was dramatically reduced by a diagnostic LED I had connected to the output from the S-R latch. Removing this LED significantly increased the speed at which the motor turned.

Third, one of the coils is evidently shorting at voltages higher than 10. Above 10v, the current through the coils increases sharply and the motor stops spinning robustly. At first I thought this was a problem with the control circuit, but all of that stuff appears to be working correctly. Instead, I think on of the coils suddenly begins shorting when enough voltage is present. I have it narrowed down to two of them, so I just need to test them individually and see if this really is the problem. If it is, I’ll need to wind a new coil to replace that one.

Even so, the motor works really well at 10v. The following video demonstrates the current state of the project.

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