Motor video recap

I’ve been working on a home-built DC brushless motor for a while now. Below are the relevant videos from earliest (at the top) to latest. I’ll provide some more detail in later posts.

The first one blew up. It used an H-bridge, and I didn’t understand enough about how to synchronize the transitions between the two states, so it would short to ground. Sorry, no almost-zero-ohm action in the video itself.

The second one was another H-bridge attempt, and I finally landed on a much simpler circuit that albeit did not use as much of the available power. It switched two pairs of coils on and off in succession instead of trying to reverse current directions.

The third motor worked really well, but because nothing was fastened down, the magnets in the rotor pulled the clip leads in and shorted something out, and a chip blew up. This time, the coils are fastened down with hot glue and all sensors are either attached to a block of wood or held firmly in my hand. Major upgrade with the DC power supply, though at the end of the video, the one wooden block came free and threw the whole thing off. There’s got to be some way to fasten one piece of wood to another.

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