Motor upgrade

Hey, I’ve been working on the motor for some time now. I got some 10mm Mn-Zn ferrite bars to use as cores and some 26 AWG magnet wire and wound new coils that each have around 3 ohms of resistance, thus eliminating the need for the big power resistors. I got it all hooked up tonight and had some really impressive torque/speed out of it.

Here are a couple of pictures. The first one shows the new motor itself, and the second shows a comparison between the old nail coils and the new ferrite ones.

I finally glued that one sensor in place.

I tested the two coils with a paperclip (highly empirical) and they didn’t seem much different, but on the actual motor, they are much different. The thing is almost violently torquey now, which is good. I’ll upload a video as soon as I have someone available to help film it.

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